Welcome to Larroucau!

Find your source of balance

Larroucau is the name of the property, but we like to call it «Source of Balance». It is about experiencing nature, food, wine – the French «Art de Vivre». We create customized and unique itineraries for small groups – business, occasion or pleasure.

Larroucau is the perfect place for those who want to be undisturbed and wish to share good experiences and find their own Source of Balance.

In the heart of Gascogne you find Gers. It is often described as «the French Tuscany», as the nature is somewhat similar, though calmer and cozier. This is the country of d’Artagnan, fortified towns, Armagnac and Foie Gras de Canard.

«Le Gers» offers luminous landscapes, flavours and tones of character, a philosophy of the time and a culture of delight to all senses.

Relax, recover, rethink…

What we eat and drink, what nature teaches us, how the vulnerability of the climate affects us and how we should stay healthy and live good lives.

In every matter good balance is the key to good results. Larroucau is a place to get new energy og mindful experiences.