Larroucau is the name of the property, but we like to call it «Source of Balance». It is about experiencing nature, food, wine – the French «Art de Vivre». We create customized and unique itineraries for small groups. Larroucau is the perfect place for those who want to be undisturbed, wish to share good experiences and maybe find their own Source of Balance.

In the heart of France you find Gers, or Gascogne. It is often described as «the French Tuscany», as the nature is somewhat similar. This is the land of d’Artagnan, fortified towns, Armagnac and Foie Gras. «Le Gers» offers luminous landscapes, flavours and tones of character, a philosophy of the time and a culture of delight to all senses.

The property

Constructed nearly 200 years ago, newly renowated Larroucau, is well protected and perfectly located overlooking «The french Tuscany».

Built in the traditional farm style with subtle touches of modern design you will find the true taste of the French countryside.

Mature gardens with the perfumes of the Pyrenees and trees dating back over 100 years, are all part of the magnificent ambience of Larroucau.

You have 25.000 m2, large pool, terrasses, sport facilities and a total of 3 houses for 18 people at your disposal.

You feel at home

You will find what you need and there is always someone who can help you. Enjoy 25.000 m2 of land, gardens, playgrounds, fruit threes and palm threes.

You can follow the sun when rising in east, crossing the pyrenees and go to bed somewhere in the west. The climate are ideal and the nature is always close.

You have a large pool area, several terraces, badminton, table tennis, petanque, outdoor shower, plancha and much more at your private disposal.

Life is comfortable

The main house consists of 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, main kitchen, kichenette, 2 livingrooms and large outdoor roofcovered terrace.

In The Pigeonnier you find one bedroom and 2 beds in the combined living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen and another roofcovered terrace. In the annex, there is room for 2, it also has its own terrace.

See links for houseplans etc. at the bottom of this page.

Links to houseplans and pictures:

La grande maison

Le Pigeonnier


Les terrasses

Live in balance

Nora & Bjorn, Larroucau 2018.

Larroucau is our Source of Balance.

It started with falling in love. We have two children each, who are now out of the nest and we want a real, meaningful and good life. We live in Norway and agreed that the warmth, and love and adventure also exist elsewhere.

We think about what we eat and drink, what nature teaches us, how the vulnerability of the climate affects us and how we should stay healthy and live good lives. In every matter good balance is the key to good results.

We have found our balance in life at Larruocau. We live with and by nature, appreciate the pure and the real. No one is worth more than others and love trumps everything. «Source of Balance» is our lifestyle and we find our balance in the following four dimensions. You are welcome to try it out!

You become what you eat

Everything we have in us, eat or drink, is processed, consumed and recycled. The body needs energy, vitamins and what best strengthens cells and the immune system. We believe a balanced diet with fresh ingredients, less red meat, lots of fish, fruits, juices and vegetables does us good.

Exercise is the best energy

Your body is like a machine, a wonderful and very advanced creature consisting of a number of integrated components. The body is to be used. Exercise of muscles, skeleton, heart, blood system and breathing is essential for a happy life.

Love is the our religion

One of most important thing in life is the relationships. Some more important than others. Some are more formal, others are based on emotions. True happiness is created by good feelings between people who love each other. We therefore believe that love is the true religion of life.

We are all natural

We come into the world naked and natural, and leave the same way. We are part of the nature, and if we live in harmony with it, it will take good care of us. It is all about taking care of our planet as it will take good care of us.