Number of bedrooms, number of beds per room: 5 bedrooms double bed, 2 bedrooms each with 2 single beds, and a bridal suite with 1 double bed and 2 single beds in the living room downstairs.

Rental period:

Renting period is minimum of 4 days, when there is a special group.

Recommended package prices for groups up to 50 people (incl. Accommodation for a maximum of 18 people. Items marked with a * is mandatory:

4 day rental of the place with bedlinen, towels from 2.400 EURO*

General cleaning fee, 400 EURO*

Rental of interior hall for the event (seating up to 50 people), and cleaning after the party, 600 EURO*

Rental and setting up of tables, tablecloths, chairs, napkins, candlesticks / candles / light links for the table and the property in the evening, EUR 600*

Meals and drinks:

3-course menu including serving and water, not alcohol

  • Menu Local (ex. foie gras, maigret de canard, fromages de Gers), 85 Euro per person
  • Wine package Local (Vins de Pellehaut et Bordeaux), 35 Euro per person
  • Gourmet menu (ex. Ravioli de Langoustines, Agneau Entier, fromages de Pyrenees), 115 Euro per person
  • Wine package Gourmet  (Bourgogne, St Emillion, Sauternes etc.), 55 Euro per person
  • Coffee and avec, Euro 15 per person.


  • Extra day Larroucau, from EUR 600
  • Extra meals (ex. welcome dinner, either on site or at a nearby restaurant), by arrangement
  • Transfers, by arrangement
  • Champagne before ceremony, including serving, EUR 10 per person.
  • Ceremony ake incl. Design, 300 – 400 EURO
  • Own setup of wedding suite, champagne etc., 140 EURO
  • Hire and setup of wedding portal and chairs for ceremony, 350 EUR
  • Flower decorations, 200 EUR
  • Photographer including video and editing, 450 Euro
  • Music / DJ rental, 300/600 EUR
  • Live music for the wedding and the party must be arranged
  • Hairdresser / makeup, 200 EUR
  • Printed matter e.g. table cards, welcome sign, table plan etc., 100 – 200 EUR
  • Own website, for the wedding, Located under Invitations, pictures, videos, reminds, 500 Euro

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