Life in harmony and balance with nature

Larroucau is like one big garden. The place is ideal for picking fruit and vegetables. The climate is ideal and the soil is fertile and holds water well. At Larroucau, trees and plants live in a beautiful union, because this is the best way to take care of the soil and the climate.

25,000 m2 of arable land, all kinds of trees and plants, animals and insects live in harmony with nature. A separate greenhouse has been set up in 2023 where a lot of good is grown.

There are around 40 olive trees that produce a good harvest every autumn. We have plums, yellows, Mirabel and from Agen. You will find an abundance of yellow and red figs.

Here are grapes, pears, artichokes, cherries, morels,
persimmons, walnuts, almonds and a separate herb garden with a number of varieties.