Find your balance and enjoy life!

Larroucau is a 200 years old winery, fully modernized with 18 beds and 25.000 m2 gardens and playgrounds. Coming here is about experiencing nature, southern culture, the french kitchen and fresh air.

Larroucau is the perfect place if you want to be undisturbed and wish to share good experiences and find your own Source of Balance….

In the heart of France you find Gers, or Gascogne. It is often described as «the French Tuscany», as the nature is somewhat similar.

This is the land of d’Artagnan, fortified towns, Canard, Armagnac and Foie Gras. “Le Gers” offers luminous landscapes, flavours and tones of character, a philosophy of the time and a culture of delight to all senses.

It was love at first sight when met Larroucau. The place is ideal for creating good experiences away from life’s challenges. We love to be here and spend all possible time developing the property, the gardens and the concept. Few things makes us happier than when guests enjoy and embrace our Source of Balance.

Nora & Bjorn, proud owners, of Domaine de Larroucau.