Have it all you way, spend time together in balance

Come to Larroucau if you have something in common. It can be employees of a company, a group of friends or just someone with common interests.

Larroucau is very suitable for groups of up to 15-20 people.

You have the property all to yourself, can cook all yourself, or have chefs come to serve some meals.

The place is ideal for workshops, training and social gatherings. Contact us for a suggestion.

Share interests like yoga, Armagnac or Foie Gras, old cars or French nature. At Larroucau, many people come because the share something. It can be friends, clubs, associations or…

Work is cooperation, and you do it best when you are together and preferably undisturbed. Larroucau is ideal for workshops, meetings and various gatherings.

Celebrating is all about the important moments in life. Everything from anniversaries and weddings to unique occasions. Larroucau offers a frame of space, tranquility and uniqueness.

Larroucau is a lovely place to stay with a group. We had 12 people in the group and they all loved it! There is space to be together and also other spaces to meet others or be alone. The pool was lovely at the end of a big day exploring the beautiful countryside. And surrounding villages. The caretaker and the owner work well together and you have a real host supporting you throughout your stay.

Janine, Sydney Australia, september 2019