Practical information 25th-27th of August

Travel information

Flights: If you have a stopover we would recommend you to have your bikini/shorts and long dress/suit for Saturday in your hand luggage (we have gotten our bags delayed before).

Cars: if anyone wants to share a car with someone, I have created two groups (arriving Thursday/arriving Friday), if you want to be a part of it, text me (Selma)  


We have arranged some mini buss transports (each fits 22ppl, so first comes first). These transportations only apply to those living in Baulieu, hotel France or nearby in Auch.  

Friday: Leaving the pool party starting 21h00, every hour until 02h00  

Saturday: If you left your car at the pool party a bus will be at Domaine de Baulieu leaving at 12:00, stopping by hotel France, leaving at 12:10, to take you to your car in Jegun.  

A bus will leave at 16:00 from hotel de France to take you to Domaine de Baulieu.  

A bus will pick up guests leaving le Baulieu at 00h00, 01h00 and 02h00.  

Taxis are not easy to get, please make sure to book in advance.  


Friday location: Larroucau, 876 chemin d’embidebarre, in JEGUN.

Attire: Men: Linen shirt + swim shorts // Woman: Casual chic w bikini/swimsuit  

Doors open at 14:30. Food is served from 17:00. Some of our guests have a lot of allergies, please be aware that all the food is cooked in the same kitchen at our summerhouse, we will try our best to accommodate everyone.  

We will stay here the whole evening. If you want to bring change of clothes for the evening do so, or keep partying in your bathing attire. Remember to bring a towel from your hotel.  


Saturday location: Domaine de Baulieu, Auch  

Attire: Men: Tuxedo (Smoking)/Suit (The groom will wear Smoking) // Woman: Long dress.

The ceremony is on gras, we don’t recommend stilettos.

The ceremony starts 16:40 SHARP, please be sure to arrive around 16:15. The ceremony and aperitif are located outside. (For those with children crock monsieur and cake are served at the aperitif).

You move to dinner at 19:15. Dinner is located inside.  

For those of you staying at le Domaine de Baulieu: Breakfast closes at 11:00, the bar opens at 11:00. Towels are by the pool. Sandwiches served from 12:30-14:00.  

Speeches Please be informed that we only have speeches from parents, siblings, and best woman/men on Saturday. If you want to hold a speech, you can do so on Sunday, let the toastmaster know.


Attire: All white. Casual.

Brunch is from 10:00 to 13:00 Checkout rooms: 12:00. Domaine is ours until 15:00 if people want to stay before their flight.  

Guests of Baulieu: Please inform us if you will NOT attend this. Other guests: Please inform us if you will be attending here.

We charge 35 euro per adult from the outside, to be sure we know how many are attending. Deadline: 08.08.23  

Urgency or more info:

If you absolutely need to call someone on Friday or Saturday call: 00 47 928 48 012. If you want more detailed information, enter: